Sunday, November 2, 2008

so long in distraction

I have been lost in the flurry for a great long while. Election, mostly, but the rest of life, too. Things that take energy and time and my motivation to get online for recreation sake. I'm feeling the draw back, as the season changes to inside things and I feel a re-connection to the fact that I am an animal, a mammal, not much different from those outside beginning to burrow and sleep and rest on their stores, cached away.
I have put up my food in mason jars and gallon freezer bags. The work outside in the yard and in my home I enjoy, but the emotional preparation for winter I stumble through. Here I look at darkness out my window. It's five p.m.
My crutches through this are:
  • new, warm, waterproof winter shoes
  • a stockpile of tea
  • seasons of TV series on DVD
  • chocolate
  • holidays and the vacation time Jared is forced to use-or-lose here at the end of the year
  • exercise

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