Sunday, September 7, 2008

getting clothes lined

In response to: "I really want to start drying my clothes on a line... I don't have a clothesline already in my backyard and need some tips on the best way to do this. Can you help?" (from this post)I'll say that all I did was go Ace Hardware and buy this Sunline retractable clothes line, which comes with everything you need but two screws and is 40 feet long. Here is a good online hardware store with lots of options so you can at least see what kind of clothes line might work for your yard. Yeah for crunchy, good smelling, zero-emission clothes drying!

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rusted sun said...

Hey Erin- I just came across your blog.....and thought I would comment on the clothesline post...

We recently moved to New Zealand. Almost everyone here uses clotheslines. You wash your clothes and then put them right out to dry on the line. We didn't even use out dryer for the first four months. If winter hadn't come and we didn't have such dirty kids I don't think we would ever use our dryer.

A couple weeks ago I was talking with a new friend and she said...."Is it true that people in the US don't use clotheslines?". She was appalled. She had recently visited a friend from the US and was stunned when she took her clothes straight out of the wash and put them directly into the dryer.

It is interesting to me that culture dictates our use of energy. If it is a habit we don't think of it as a waste of energy. But small changes can made a big difference.